Linda Anastasiou

I asked Gregory for information on another branch of my family and, once again, he came through with flying colors!  He found a lot of very interesting information I could never have found myself.  Dealing with Gregory has been a wonderful experience.  If you’re looking for ancestors in Greece, I would very highly recommend that you contact him.

~Linda Anastasiou

Patrizia Socolich Skunca

I am researching my family history and was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of my ancestors was Greek. Unfortunately I do not speak or read Greek but I have had a fortune to engage Gregory for help. I have to say that he has approached the research seriously and was of great support. If you need assistance in Greek genealogy, you are on the right place.

~Patrizia Socolich Skunca, Croatia

Debbie Pavlos

I am a knowledgeable genealogist. I’ve been studying my Greek ancestors for decades but I hit a wall years ago. I’ve gone to all the big name genealogical companies pursuing any information available. I’ve tried contacting many Greek agencies over the years with no luck. No one could find anything. Then I contacted Gregory. He found many official Greek documents for my Yiayia’s family which ultimately helped me add about 50 people to my family tree including a proud Cretan military leader! Gregory provided clear translations of documents I would have never been able to read or understand. His knowledge of Greek history is truly impressive. Gregory gets an A+ from this teacher!

~Debbie Pavlos, CA

Linda Anastasiou

Gregory did a wonderful job researching my ancestors.  He has access to information in Greece that I would never have found on my own.  He was able to identify my great-great-grandfather’s village and he prepared a beautiful report.  He also provided a copy of a letter with translation of a very interesting letter concerning an ancestor of mine who served in the revolution of 1821.  And much more.  I am thrilled with his results.  I would highly recommend Gregory to anyone who is interested in information about their Greek ancestors.

~Linda Anastasiou

Diane Ingraham

We are so happy with all the information and the translations that you found for us and for how professional you were with our whole experience and for the professional presentation of everything you found.  It makes me so happy that you have found this information and I can share it with my Mother! It means so much for her, especially at her age to find these things out. And one of the most beautiful things that came of this working correspondance is a beautiful friendship! I still can not beleieve that you found the “proika” of my Mother’s grandparens & gg Grandparents, and the tears that were brought to my eyes from the translation of the letter edged in black from my gg grandmother to her son, my Grandfather when his father passed. I have nothing but good to say of our work with you! You have become a part of the family!

~Diane Ingraham, NJ

Marianne Aleck

About two years ago my cousin found Gregory Kontos.  Both of us, who live in America were researching our Greek heritage and ran into roadblocks.  We thought it was worth a try to see what Gregory could find.  The fact that he is fluent in both English and Greek was a hugh benefit.
He was able to access information through sources we did not have that were in Greek and then translated them for us.  It was exciting to receive emails with ship manifests attached showing the names of our Grandparents and even great grandfather upon their arrival through Elis Island. Gregory was also able to locate relatives living Athens whom we were unaware of.  Our great uncle and cousins on our grandmother’s side who naturally all speak Greek.  Gregory helped us in our communication by making the initial contact by phone to them, which was above what we had expected.  Pictures and letters followed for our families to catch up with one another. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this was for all.  We still stay in contact by email to this day.
I highly recommend Mr. Kontos to anyone searching for Greek family past and even present.  It has been a pleasure and I know if I ever take a trip to Greece I will be sure to meet Gregory Kontos to thank him personally.
~Marianne Aleck, CA