I have discovered so many new relatives

I almost gave up hope in finding anything regarding my ancestors from Asia Minor and then suddenly I came across the gkfamilytrees website.  Greg has helped me so much in finding long forgotten records, explaining them and even translating them for me.  His passion in Greek heritage is clear to see.  I have discovered so many new relatives that I can add to my tree.  The service has been quick, reliable and top quality!

Thanasi Therianos


Amazing at helping me with my Greek family history!

Greg at GKFamilyTrees was amazing at helping me with my Greek family history! As we were going to Greece for the first time I knew I wanted to visit my ancestor’s hometowns but knew I needed a translator and someone who could help me with my family history. I found Greg on FamilySearch.org’s website and I’m so incredibly happy I did! We easily communicated via email regarding my pedigree and known information I had on my Greek line. He did some great preliminary research before we arrived in Greece and then met us at my great-grandpa’s hometown where he proceeded to introduce us to the local town members and Papas of the church. We looked at church records, cemeteries, and even met living relatives that I wouldn’t have even known about if Greg didn’t find them online before my arrival and suspect that they were related to us! Greg spent all day with us translating and going to two different ancestral towns. If that wasn’t enough he even translated all the church records, cemetery info, and Greek communication we had that day into a word document for me after our trip! All this for such a great price, you really can’t go wrong hiring Greg! I will definitely be hiring him again!
– Nicole Evans

Amazing competence and thoroughness!