Take part in our poll: Where did your family immigrate from?

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6 thoughts on “Take part in our poll: Where did your family immigrate from?

  1. My grandfather was born on the island of Andros, village of Korthi. His name was Angelos Pantages, born in 1907, his father, Vassilious was married to Adamandia Roides, born in Steneis, Andros. Gregory gave me my family history that I can share with my family. We are all born in Canada, and have not been able to come to your beautiful country yet

  2. My father George was born in Greece but his family is from Asia Minor from a village now known as oldie, but was originally called lithri, on the site of ancient erethrea, they came to Greece during the great holocaust, they settled in a village on the Greek mainland called brainier, now called krines, mygrabdfathers syblings settled in Nea Chios, near Argos, near nafplio, he liked the ocean so stayed in krines on the way through during their settlement allocated by the government.
    My mother Maria however is from the korinth area from a village called manna, called markasi during Turkish occupation.
    I was born in krines and my parents migrated to Australia in 1954. We live in Melbourne.

  3. My family came from Samos and Asia Minor (somewhere near Davutlar or Kusadasi). My grandparents who were from there never talked about Turkey and the murders they witnessed during the genocide. There names were Chirigos, Arambiges, Michallas and Varlin or Varlious.

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