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Two years ago gkfamilytrees was created! Since then, lots of Greeks have found their roots with our help -don’t waste time, contact gkfamilytrees now and discover your ancestry and family history!

Gregory Kontos


2 thoughts on “Two years gkfamilytrees

  1. Hi, in Nov I came accross a hand written birth and baptismal certificate issued and stamped with the seal of the town in late 1921 (prior to his departure) of my paternal grandfather Chrysostomos Margelis from the town of Proasteio (now Gundogdu), Marmara Island. We were stunned, firstly that this existed and secondly, to see that his father’s name was registered as Margelis Stratigakis and further surprised that when he registered in Amarynthos Euboia that he kept the “Margelis” as a surname not the Stratigakis. Trying to find any details possible and any relatives with the Stratigakis surname. Unfortunately the Margelis relatives in Amarynthos are not able to assist. FYI, my grandfathers wife is also on this listed as Evangelia Antoniou.
    I live in Sydney, Australia and will be in Amarynthos 21-28 July. This year we are also going to Marmara to walk the shores and seethe town where our family hailed from.
    Whatever you can assist with would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Sue! Wow! This is really interesting! Where did you find this certificate?
      I suggest you contact the Patriarchate, in case they have any records from Proasteio! While in Amarynthos, visit the local Town Hall!

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